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Easter Weekend in Manchester- Hardwell

A While back Chris was telling me that he really wanted to go see the DJ Hardwell in Manchester. After a few weeks of him banging on about it I gave in and bought the tickets when they went up for sale. Instead of just going for the standard, I decided to go for the … Continue reading Easter Weekend in Manchester- Hardwell


Powerlips Fluid Review – BEST LIQUID LIPSTICK IVE TRIED!!!

Hey guys, How is everyone!! Today I want to talk about this amazing product. I have been a brand ambassador for NuSkin for just under a year now and I have personally loved every single product I have tried. No I’m not just saying that. I genuinely use these products in my everyday life. On … Continue reading Powerlips Fluid Review – BEST LIQUID LIPSTICK IVE TRIED!!!

Freshers Fortnight! Part1- Drinks, Memories, More Drinks and A Horrific Experience !!!

After Two long weeks of constant nights out, reality has set in and its back to the hard work. I thought Id take some time to reflect on Freshers and share some pictures with you all. Lets just say there is a SIGNIFICANT dent in my overdraft. This year Freshers was no where near as … Continue reading Freshers Fortnight! Part1- Drinks, Memories, More Drinks and A Horrific Experience !!!

London!! Date Night and SLxPB shop… I MET ALFIE!

Hey, How is everyone doing today? Im Finally writing this post after many days of processing everything that happened... Bare with me if its a long one.  My amazing boyfriend suprised me with a trip to London for a few days so that I could visit the amazing SLxPB shop in covant Garden. Whenever amazing … Continue reading London!! Date Night and SLxPB shop… I MET ALFIE!

Jesus, Im Useless!!

  If you've been following my posts for a while now, you'll know I've had trouble when it comes to relationships but I dont think that will be happening anytime soon.🙈 I honestly think I've found the guy that I could spend the rest of my life with... Scary right. I can honestly see myself … Continue reading Jesus, Im Useless!!

Pinafore Galore!

Ok ... Its time to admit, Im addicted to wearing pinafores!!  They just look so cute and I just cant help myself. Everything looks so much better and they're so comfy to wear.  At the moment, I only own two but ive been eying some up. Not that I can actually afford to buy them … Continue reading Pinafore Galore!


I've done it AGAIN! I've only gone and left all my work till tbe last second. You would think that I would have learnt by now right? Think again.  Ive spent the past week back doing anything but the work I was suppose to which has put me in a very very tight spot.  Instead … Continue reading SO MANY ASSIGNMENTS!!!! 

New Look Matte Lipsticks!

Hey Guys, Today's post is all about the Matte Lipsticks which are part of New Looks range of makeup. Since I'm currently broke AF! I only have 3 of the Matte Lipsticks all beauty is on 3 for 2 at the moment. I was originally only purchasing one of the lipsticks as I already have it … Continue reading New Look Matte Lipsticks!

New Hair 💁🏼

On Sunday I FINALLY got my hair done. It was time to say 'bye bye' to my awful bleach blonde yellow hair. Heres a few pics of what my hair looked like before As you can see my roots were awful ( they hadnt been done in about 4/5 months and my hair was more … Continue reading New Hair 💁🏼

Easter Holiday Fun

So Easter Holiday's for me mainly consist of babysitting my neice and nephew. Im not complaining because it just means I get to play with kids stuff and get out the house when its sunny  Last Saturday, I joined my sister in taking the kids to the park and then going to the pub for … Continue reading Easter Holiday Fun