Pinafore Galore!

Ok …

Its time to admit, Im addicted to wearing pinafores!! 

They just look so cute and I just cant help myself. Everything looks so much better and they’re so comfy to wear. 

At the moment, I only own two but ive been eying some up. Not that I can actually afford to buy them which sucks. 

My top 3 recent Instagrams are all wearing a pinafore.

 The first one from last night where I wore an off the shoulder top that I naughtily bought from asda last night ( again not that I can afford) 

The second is with just a white T with burgundy bits

And the third is from my races outfit which was just a striped off the shoulder top from primark. 

Thats just three of the times ive wore one recently. I do however feel like I need some new ones because I cant constantly wear the same one… Can I ?


I now have a ‘self hosted’ site which has been designed by the team at blogerise. Im not 100% to grips with it all yet but please do go check it out. I will be posting on here and on there too but it would mean a lot if you check it out and leave a comment for me 🙂 You can also find all my old posts on there too
As usual…

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Sorry that Ive not posted in a while, had a lot Going on. Hope you understand x


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