I’ve done it AGAIN!

I’ve only gone and left all my work till tbe last second. You would think that I would have learnt by now right? Think again. 

Ive spent the past week back doing anything but the work I was suppose to which has put me in a very very tight spot. 

Instead of doing it when I came home from uni yesterday morning… I decided to wash my bedding and tidy up a little bit. Then go out for food. 

At least my bed looks cosey 

(Totally didnt put fairy lights there to make it look cool 👀👀👀)

I bought some cute velvety throw pillows from primark which were on sale for £4 

What you cant see is the complete bomb that the rest of my room looks…  It actually looks like something has hit it. 

When I got back from food, I put some Pj’s on and got to work till 2am. Im still nowhere near finished at all and its due in at 9am tomorrow along with a 10 minute micro teach which i have no idea on. 

I had some Sweets to give me some energy to power through as I was falling asleep 😴 

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