New Look Matte Lipsticks!

Hey Guys,

Today’s post is all about the Matte Lipsticks which are part of New Looks range of makeup. Since I’m currently broke AF! I only have 3 of the Matte Lipsticks all beauty is on 3 for 2 at the moment. I was originally only purchasing one of the lipsticks as I already have it and its running low but then iIthought…screw it!! Especially since they are such a good price.

Each lipstick individually costs £3.99. These are the 3 shades I picked up. The lipstick I already owed was Orchid, It’s such a lovely colour and I wear it on a day to day basis (which explains why I had to get a new one). I was going to pick up a more browny nude colour but I decided to Ip Dip Do between Mulberry and Truffle.

Here’s some pic’s of them, some of the colours didn’t show up properly which is a shame.




And finally, here’s a swatch of all 3 lipsticks… with and without flash

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