Easter Holiday Fun

So Easter Holiday’s for me mainly consist of babysitting my neice and nephew. Im not complaining because it just means I get to play with kids stuff and get out the house when its sunny 

Last Saturday, I joined my sister in taking the kids to the park and then going to the pub for a few drinks. It was a lovely day to be outside. 

Heres a few pics of Flossie on the slide in her cute dungaree outfit. 

On sunday, I went to Visit my friends baby … she was adorable. We had a little cuddle and I gave her a bottle. 

Yesterday, my sister was off work so we decided to take Flossie and Grady out for the day. 

We started the day at Bradford Idustrial Museum. 

We spent about an hour and a half here looking at all the different machines, transport and houses. Grady wasnt right impressed that we were going to a museum but seemed to enjoy himself more than expected. 

Then we moved on to St.Ives park. We had a little Picnic ( In the car because it was cold) before going on a walk in the woods and then to the park. 

How cute are Flossie’s wellies. 

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