London Trip- MOVEIT! 

The other week, I went on a trip with Uni to London. The purpose of the trip was to attend a dance convention at the excel london. 

Alongside having a stand promoting the University’s dance and performance courses, we also did 2 performances of our piece ‘Unfolding of the Sea’. We created this piece especially for the showcase theatre and for our end of year show at The Ark theatre. 

We set off to london on Thursday 9th March. We got on the train at about 12:20 and all was downhill from there. 

About half an hour or so into oir long journey to london, there was an announcement that our train was been cancelled in york due to overhead wire problems further into the journey. 

📷 @tpainephotography

We arrived in york at around 20 past one smd didnt set off from york again till 3:15. 

Thats 2 whole hours that we sat in york waiting for a train. During this time we were given 20 different messages/advice from the virgin trains staff. 

Heres some of the pictures that were taken on tylers camera during the wait 

‘Want some business?’
You what mate!
Stacy’s signature eye roll

As you can see… I was thrilled about the wait. 

Tyler decided at one point to get out his speaker and play songs which were in appropriate for our situation such as ‘Willy bum bum’ and ‘Waiting for my train’ 

I have to admit I found the dirty looks hilarious. 

After more delays where we were at a standstill on the middles of the tracks, we arrived in London at about 20 past 6 which meant that we had to rush to get the the Apollo to see Wicked! 

Wicked was yet again AMAZING. I was trying so hard not to sing but I HAD to when the classics came on. 

Afterwards we grabbed a maccies and Katie had her FIRST EVER BIG MAC !! Before then she had never had a burger from McDonald’s and only had chicken 

We attended 3 days of the Move It convention where we had a stall, watched people perform and performed ourself. Heres a video of my friend jack performing on the mainstage

On the Friday night, a few of us decided to go for some food and have a drink. We had such a great time and its one of the highlights of the trip for me

Befire leaving  for the train home, we went to nandos near Kingscross as none of us had eaten all day. Its safe to say that was also demolished. I didn’t even take a picture!!!

That pretty much sums up the trip to London. We had an amazing time and managed to get home on schedule

Thanks for reading


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