Long Time No See

Seems like my past few posts have all started with excuses for not posting. All real excuses but for this one… there arent any. 

To be truthful, my mental health is in a pretty shit place right now.  Instead of writing a private post on here like I usually do, I’ve just been ignoring it. 

So much has happened that I don’t even know where to start. There was a post half written about my ankle injury and a few other things but I didnt even have to will power to finish writting it. 

A lot of issues are going on at Uni… From feeling like I’m wasting my time and money to friendships ending etc. It doesnt help that my heads all over the place. 

This post is pretty much another update post to talk about a few things that have gone on aside from the stresses etc. 

So Firstly,

I was walking to McDonald’s with Lauren and Ashley when I thought it was a good idea to show Lauren a move I dont like( It was a simple step ballchange variation). The next thing I know I’m on the floor screaming in agony. When I had stepped, I stepped on the side of a raised paving stone and fell over onto my ankle. 

My ankle expanded to twice the size it normally is and bruised. The next day, I spent my afternoon in James Cook hospital up here being X-rayed to see it was broken anywhere and left with a Tube Sock and a pair of crutches. 

This was not ideal since MOVE IT! was just around the corner and so was a performance for International Womens day at Uni. 

I manged to start walking on it and performed on the Saturday at the festival ( even though I shouldn’t have but you can’t tell a dancer not to dance). 

For this our costume consisted of a grey long sleeved top with stars on it and a pinafore/dungarees. 

On the Thursday after I injured myself, I got my makeup done at NEMUA which is under my accommodation. I got this done for free as they wanted a Makeup Model. I absolutely LOVE my makeup in these pics 

I would hightly recommend them if you’re in the Middlesbrough area. 

Jumping past a few events… On Tuesday after Uni we decided to take a trip to Redcar after a VERY stressful morning. We ate Lemon Tops and played in the arcade. We had fun for once. 

My obsession for Sorbet has well and truely started again. 

A lot more stuff happened but I dont feel as though they need to be spoke about or they should have their own post when the time is right. 

Im going to talk about the MOVE IT! trip in a new post as I’m going to start writing it now. I didnt take as many photos as I wanted or see things that I wanted but I had a good time with the dance lot. Here’s a cheeky photo for the time being of us at the train station beforre getting off. 


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