JOB, UNi, MOVE IT! and More


Its been two weeks since my last post. Im terrible, I know. This just means theres a lot to catch up on. 

Truth is I’ve had a lot on my mind but things seem to be looking up. For starters I am doing promoting for a nightclub in Middlesbrough so I’m earning a little extra money… It may not be a lot but its worth it. 

I get free entry to the event on a Wednesday night and also £1 per person which I get in the club before 12 thats on my guestlist. Last week was my first week and I managed to get myself £31 and be the ‘Most active promoter’ which got me a free bottle of vodka and 5 free entrys for my friends. 

I also won a bottle of Champagne too so I pretty much had a free night out. 

The worst thing however was loosing £20 from my bag which I needed in all honesty but what can you do. 

So I’ve been really busy at Uni recently since we began choreographing our piece for MOVE IT!  

10 of us from dance our going to the convention in London which takes place on the 10th-12th of March. 

Our piece is based on the theme ‘Maritime Futures’ which was chosen by our lecturers. Our costumes are being designed by students on the Fashion course.  

A few weeks back we had a workshop with the fashion students where they dressed us up in random items while we were blindfolded and then we had to improvise ( still blindfolded) reacting to the Costume. 

Strange … I know 

Anyways, back to MOVE IT! 

So far we’ve created half of the piece which isnt bad to say we’ve had 1 rehearsal where everyone showed up /: so things have been working quite slow paced. In terms of rehearsal times we’re given around 2 hours on a Tuesday and Thursday which would usually be a workshop and then we have been rehearsing from 4:30-7 on Wednesday nights. 

I am posting photos of our MOVE IT rehearsals and other dance related things such as workshops on my new Dance Instagram : @melissadorandance 

Please go follow me on there as compared to my normal insta… Well you’ll see if you have a look. 

The other week we had a Bake sale at my accommodation in order to raise money for several different charities. We managed to raise over £130 which was amazing. Heres a picture of some of my buns. The buttercream looks rather yello but thats due the the lighting ah. 

I also applied to the show First Dates because why not ? 

Its really funny though because the same day I met one of Frans friends who is really lovely. At first I didn’t even speak to him because I was shy but then when we started speaking I was fine. Id already told fran before that I thought he was cute when she invites him on the facebook group so that probably expains why I was so nervous. 

We may have shared a kiss( or a few)  and had cuddles after which was nice. 

Im praying he doesn’t read this because AWKWARD but yeah hes lovely and made me smile so much this week without even trying. 

This was my outfit for frans 00’s themed party. I went for a modern day twist to it however. 

The Pre-drinks party was anazing. She gave us all party bags which included shots, party poppers and of course those bangs that everyone would wear and snap (I’m aware of their names but its cringe) 


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