2017 Bucket List

Following last week’s post which was basically my favourite bits about 2016… I decided, why not do a bucket list?

This Bucket List consists of 10 things that I wish to do/ achieve in 2017.

This is a little summary before I go into detail as to why I included it in my list:

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Visit more place in the Uk
  3. Hit 500 Followers
  4. Try at least 5 new recipes
  5. Use the Gym more frequently
  6. Finally get tattoo for my dad
  7. Stick to blog schedule
  8. Think about myself more
  9. Host a Pizza and PJ party
  10. Organise/ Help organise a charity event

Go to the beach 

The main reason that this is included is because now I’m living in Middlesbrough for University, I am really close to the beach( Redcar and Saltburn as examples.). Even though I am really close, I’ve only been once so far and that was with Uni on a bonding trip to Saltburn.

Visit more place in the Uk 

I realised that before moving, I barely got out of Bradford and if I did it would be either Halifax or Leeds. Sure, I’ve been all over the Uk due to dance comps… the issue is, you drive there and then sit in a sports hall or theatre all day. The only times I ever had the chance to look around were weekend comps such as DDKQ in Blackpool.

Hit 500 Followers.

Now…This is a goal that I really don’t think I will achieve. I’ve been Blogging for a year now and I have over 150 Followers which I never even imagined that I would have in the first place. I didn’t want to set it to 200 Followers because that’s not a high enough goal. I mainly set the bar so high so that it motivates me to post more and on time.

Try at least 5 new recipes

I feel like I’m currently eating the same few meals, especially since I’m trying to cut out the junk food. This is going to be quite hard for me as I can be really picky when it comes to food. Currently, my dinner for Uni is Chicken salad or a sandwich (mainly chicken salad). I’ve just got the point where I want to try new healthy recipes that are tasty

Use the Gym more frequently 

This is something that I have definitely started doing. I bought a gym membership in September and I think that before this year, I only went about 7/8 times. This wasn’t because I couldn’t be arsed going ( sometimes it was)… It was because I was really anxious and also didn’t want to go alone. Now I have Charlotte, I’ve started one of the fitness classes and then I’m slowly starting another each week. I was supposed to start spinning on Friday but I have other plans so had to cancel it. Unfortunately, the ‘Move It!’ Fitness class was cancelled this week as well but we went in gym still anyways and just did a bit of everything.

Finally get tattoo for my dad

I was supposed to get this done for my 18th birthday (It was my present from my sisters). I had a design in mind but now I’m glad I didn’t get it. Then I had another design in mind that  I loved but it involved my dad’s fingerprint which had literally been got rid of the day before I found the design as they get rid of it after 2 years. I need to find something or think of something creative for him. If anyone at all has any ideas let me know please

Stick to blog schedule

This is something I really want to achieve. The only reasoning why I won’t post is with a valid excuse. Even if it’s 11:59 pm… It still counts. The only reason this post is up this late is due to sorting a situation out otherwise it would have been posted hours ago.

Think about myself more

I’ve decided that this is enough… seriously. I am sick to death of putting other people before myself and ending up with the rough end of the situation. I always make sure other people’s happiness is put before mine. This often leaves me in bed crying my eyes out over stupid stuff and feeling like shit basically.

Host a Pizza and PJ party

Just thought it would be cool tbh.

Organise/ Help organise a charity event

I found that I love organising events such as bake sales etc so I really want to organise some kind of charity event to raise money for a charity. If I choose it will most likely be for British Heart Foundation due to my dad dying of a heart attack but there are so many worthy charities that need help. I just want to give back to the community. I may not have a lot to give or have the best life but there are other people who have it a lot worse than me. I have a roof over my head, food in the cupboard, heating and electric. These are things that some people don’t have.

If you made it this far then I hope you enjoyed it.

Let me know something you want to achieve in 2017 below.


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