2016 Highlights!

I know this post should really have come at the end of December / beginning of January but as those of you who read this know… I’m not that normal. I thought I’d change things up a bit and do this now aha.

This may not be in chronological order but I’m going to try… Kind of.

Choosing My University


In March, I firmed Teesside as my University. My insurance was  DeMontfort but I felt as though it was too far from home if anything was wrong and that just didn’t sit right for me.

Dancing for Bradford Bulls


For a few months, I danced for Bradford Bulls. This is a rugby team which I have supported since I was a little girl so dancing for them was very special for me. This unfortunately went downhill and we ended up having to stop.

The Vamps


I was a good friend and went to see The Vamps with Chelsea because she’s obsessed with them. We were in the WOWPIT and were really close to them, even touched at one point. I was happy because I got to see Conor Maynard.



Many of you may think ‘why would you include your ex in this?’. Well, I can’t just ignore the fact that I have so many memories with him and he will always have a place in my heart. I can’t ignore the amount of time I spent with him and time I spent travelling to see him.

Rock Challenge


WE WON GRIMSBY. After many years of losing out at Grimsby, we Finally did it. I was honestly so proud standing on that stage when our school was announced.


The day after Rock Challenge was my Sixth form prom.My Dress, Hair and Makeup were all done by the talented Lily Dunn (Lilydollmakeovers)

York Races

I went on my first trip to the races and then on a Pub Crawl around York. I even snuck Chichen Nuggets into a pub.



I FINALLY got to watch Wicked! at the Alhambra. I had been waiting so long for this. Read more Here.

Babysitting Flossie


After finishing school, I spent the majority of my week babysitting Flossie/ at my sisters. I honestly miss babysitting so much since I’ve come to Uni.

Moving to Uni

In September , I moved to Uni and met some of the greatest people ever.



Freshers weeks were such a blast. Read more here.

Student Christmas


Acca Nights Out 


There was a few more but it took me hours to find the photos and I actually wanted to get this post up on time ish.

What are some of your favourite things from 2016?


2 thoughts on “2016 Highlights!

  1. Some of my favorite things from 2016, well.. it’s funny how the suckiest most shittiest thing can also be my favorite thing. I was confronted in Feb of 2016 and the remaining year was me realizing parts about me, shedding and understanding and acknowledging. It was a lot about just coming to terms with my behaviour in the past and knowing that I don’t want to do those things or be that way. Yeah I guess it took 10 years to finally be able to own up to all my choices but im so glad for it to have happened because I know im a better person because of it. !
    Love your pics!

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