Sweatproof Makeup!!

Yesterday, I decided to test out Primark’s ‘Sweat resistant’ Makeup. I was actually pretty surprised with the results. I only tested out the face powder. I went to a fitness class called ‘Move It!’ at Uni where I was sweating so much.There was actual sweat dripping off my forehead.

This is a picture of my makeup before…

Then this is after…

As you see, My makeup did pretty well at staying on considering the high intensity and the amount of sweat that came out. The only downfall was that the powder was a tad orange which unfortunately you can’t see on the pics.


Overall, I’d say it did a pretty good job and I will probably use it again. It only cost £2.50 so I would say it is worth it… especially since it was miles better than other ones ive used. I have used the Liquid Lipstick before during class and that was also really good. I just wish it came in a wider range of colours as this one was a bit bright.


9 thoughts on “Sweatproof Makeup!!

    1. Primark have brought out a little range. The foundation didnt look too great when I tested it on my hand it was a very hard stick foundation so i just used my bb cream. They have work out mascara and lipstick as well.


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