Back to Uni

Hey guys 

Sorry that I’ve been M.I.A, I’ve been packing etc because I came back to Uni on Friday. 

My Uncle Ste kindly brought me back to Middlesbrough and let me just say, Ive really missed my room. Ive also missed my friends too, most of which are back now too. 

I now also have the full collection of Normal sized and Mini’s of Zoella perfume. Honestly, I love every scent so much and I’m not just being bias. 

Ive ordered a new set while I still can of the Minis but because they’re sold out everywhere… I ended up paying £20 for them. 

On my first night back, I decided that I wanted Homemade Yorkshires and stew. Don’t judge me but I ate 12 Yorkshires and not just little ones… They were massive. I had more mixture but I thought that I’d better stop. Then last night I used the left over mix and had Yorkshires, sausages and sweetcorn. 

Yesterday, I went to Primark and somehow spent £74.20. The thing is, I barely bought any clothes. I bought myself some new jeans and then some dance/gym stuff including these gorgeous new shoes for £12

I also bought a cactus which you can probably see in the back there. Since I’ve struggled to find a real cactus in Middlesbrough, I thought I’d do the next best thing and buy a fake one 

I also found that primark now have Workout makeup. I didnt pick up the foundation stick because it didnt seem like my cup of tea but I picked up some Pressed powder and some Matt Liptick

I left the label on so you can see the prices. Heres a swatch of the lipstick

The only downside to my first day back was that the Fire Alarm went off again. I got down 2 flights of stairs before it then decided to stop. 

My friends who both went on Holiday to America during the break both brought me a present back which was so lovely of them. I do however think they are trying to tell me something… 

How was everyones holidays and the start of 2017 ? Let me know


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