Happy New Year/ Happy Birthday Blog. 

Happy New year everyone. 

My Blog is 1 year old today!!! 

When I first started writing my blog, It was mainly just for me and the plan was to write everyday. Then I realised how unrealistic that was. Now a year later I have a schedule which I intend to stick to and I have people who read my posts. 

I wouldng have ever expected to have recieved over 450 likes over the past year and gained some regular readers so Thank You. Some of you have been there for me when I really needed it. 

If you’re one of the people who always read my posts, you will know for a fact where I spent my New Years eve.

I even won a Free bottle of Bubbly aswell

I also had the BEST taxi driver ever!!! 

He picked me and Natalia up on Mad Friday. All she kept saying to him was do you have Tom Zanetti but he couldnt find it. 

I cant decide if I had a good or bad night. There were a lot of tears because guys are pricks but it was ok. My new years kiss was my friend Holly but then I got a fee more kisses later on from a lad aha

How was everyones New Years ?? 

Most importantly

Who was your new years kiss ? 


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year/ Happy Birthday Blog. 

  1. Fun night, pretty dress! I was single this year so my best friend of countless years gave me the first kiss of the New Years… her wife just laughed. It was a great time! Congrats on winning your alcohol 🍾🍾🍾

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