Christmas & Boxing Day

Hey guys,

I meant to post the other day but every time I go to write it, I realise how tired I am and end up taking a nap. These were suppose to be two separate posts but I decided since BLOGMAS is over to just combine them together

Christmas Day was spent at my Sister’s house. She picked us up at around 12pm and we went to the pub for a few hours. When my Niece first saw me, her face just lit up. I hadn’t had the chance to see her since being home from uni and I honestly didnt want to leave her alone. I was crawling on the floor and playing with her in the pub, even in front of some lads my age that kept looking at me.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, phone and close-up

Can we also just appreciate how ADORABLE  she looked.

My brother came for a few drinks with us at the pub before he went to his dads which was nice. Here’s kind of a Family Photo of us. My sisters Boyfriend took the photo and my nephew was playing with some boys somewhere which is why they aren’t in it.

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After a few ( more than a few) drinks we headed back and waited for the food to finish cooking. My sister did such a good job, especially considering it was a last minute thing.

Image may contain: food and indoorSince I don’t like Prawn Cocktail, I ate Chicken Noodle Soup for my starter

Image may contain: food

Our two meats that we had were Beef and Gammon… Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE GAMMON. Both meats were so Nice. The beef was so soft and the Gammon was Perfection. I didn’t even need to put any salt on my food which is something I always do.

On Boxing Day, I went to my Uncle Stevens and Aunty Tracy’s where I had Yet another Dinner. My uncle only made 3 big yorkshire puddings and guess who got one … ME!! Clearly I am the favourite niece.

Image may contain: drink, food and indoor

At about 9 can any of you guess where I went… I’ll give you a Second.

Acapulco (Acca) in Halifax A.K.A My go to place on a night out.

I didn’t have anyone to go with so I went with Rob (my ex) and his mates. I actually had such a nice night.

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