Blogmas!! Day 23

So for some reason Yesterday’s blog post didnt post and I’ve completely lost it again. I 100% pressed post so God Knows what happened. I just dont think it wants me to post it becaude thats the 2nd time I’ve wrote it out.I will find time to redo it and post it. 

As those who have my social media accounts will see… I went out yet again last night. I mean I’m only home 3 weeks, I have to make the most of it. 

My friend thew up so ended up leaving at about half 1. If theres one thing I hate more than anything its sick. The sight,smell and sound just instantly make me gip. To top it all off, she had her phone stole whicg wasnt very festive if the theif. 

Today, me and my mum headed into Town to get some last minute bits. For some reason we started in Argos where we bought my Niece a Pet Palace Play thing. The Present came in a massive box which meant I then had to carry a big box around town for 4 hours ( I have hand cramp) 

After Many hours of shopping, we decided to get a hot drink from a Coffee shop where my friends works ( I have no idead how you spell of say it) My mum went for a Cappuccino and I got a Hot chocolate 

Im off out again tonight for Mad Friday with Natalia. Dont Judge Me 😂


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