Blogmas!! Day 21

So Today I went to town with the aim of getting my mum a Christmas present. That did not happen. Instead here’s some bit I bought aha
 I got 2 lots of these Disney Baubles from Primark. They were on sale for £2 so I thought id by myself some aswell as Lauren.

They are so cute. I really love the pink ones.

In primark, I also bought some socks because they were £1 for 5 pairs! And they were Christmassy so Win Win.

I almost Forgot… I picked up a mini beauty blender for 50p. I wasnt going to but it actually felt like the old decent ones !!  Im going to give it a try tomorrow

In body care, I picked up these two Charcoal face things 😂. One is a scrub and one is a mask. I used the mask about half and hour ago and my face already feels great. The clay mask aims to Absorb excess oils, deeply cleanse the skin and draw out deep rooted dirt. The scrub aims to remove blackheads and unblock pores.

Unfortunately, thats all I bought besides a new eyebrow pallet after I lost mine in my own house. Dont ask!


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