Blogmas!! Day 19

This is From ages ago but It has some christmas ones in aswell as Halloween and I forgot to post.

So on 13th October there was a student night in one of the shopping centres in Middlesbrough. There was the standard 20% off ‘s and 15% but what we we’re most excited about was the lush goodie bags which you recieved if you spent over £7.50
However, with most things … there was a catch. You had to be within the first 50 people to make a payment. So as youcan imagine when the doors open we walked rather fast towards lush. I wanted to run but it was so far from the entrance we had to come in from.

Luckily we managed to be the last few of the free goodie bags. The more you spent the better the goodie bags were.

If you spent £7.50 you recieved 2 free items. – A Face Mask and a Christmas Bath Bomb.

If you spent £10 you recieved an extra item on top of the 2 and if you spent £15 you recieved 2 extra items

I ended up spending £20 and recieved 5 items in total for free. In total I had 10 Items for just £20!!!

The items I bought were:

The Sparkly Pumpkin – Bubble Bar

With this product you crumble it under the tap when you run your bath. Bubble bars like this can usually do 2 baths but it depends on your personal preference.

The Magic Wand – Reusable Bubble Bar

For this product you simply swirl it around in the bath while it is filling or run it under the tap. This can be used multiple times.

Snow Fairy – Shower Gel

I absolutely LOVE this shower gel.
Boo- Bath Melt

Simply drop the product into the bath

The Experimenter- Bath Bomb 

The Items I got for Free were:

-3x Face masks

– A bar of Soap ( I gifted to a friend so I dont know which one it was)

– Shoot for the stars-Bath Bomb

I dont have any pictures of the others anymore. Heres one of me lauren and ash in one of the facemasks

Also Happy birthday to my friend Holly, whos 19 today!!!


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