Blogmas!! Day 16 


Last night was amazing. 

Not only did I look FIRE but I got so drunk 

I saw my ex’s ex/new gf’s ex out and It was soo funny. We had a right laugh. He’s literally like my new bff 😂 its funny how situations make people bond. Well now im probably going to get another message saying that I cant talk about it on MY BLOG. Well I am so Deal. 

I was just having a little dance and this guy came over with a bottle of champagne and said ‘ The manager said to give you this and say Happy Birthday’. Shoutout to the Acca manager Justin who read yesterday’s post. 

 After that bottle I was fully gone. Someone took advantage of that and stole about £30 from me but I’ll be fine. I full on got on my knees to do air guitar and i loved it. 

I have some videos on my snapchat but they wont let me save to upload 😩 feel free to add me smellymellyx. 

Getting ready now for Round 2 tonight 


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