Blogmas!! Day 14

Yesterday, I had a really shit day so I wasnt exactly feeling preparing this post.

Remember Rob ?

Yeah well I found out that hes now with his Ex girlfriend who cheated on him. I was literally about to ask him to meet me to sort things out and then I saw his Instagram post and looked at the comments. I was in pieces last night.

On the brightside… Tomorrow is my Birthday!!!!

So Today, I went to My old sixthform to collect my results then to Leeds to meet up with my friend Adam. He bought me some Yankee Candles for my birthday ah. He was really sneaky about it… he was looking at the ones I was smelling and if I liked he picked it up.

I didnt go to the Christmas Market but I’m planning on doing that another day but Leeds is looking really Christmassy.

Sorry this is a shit post. Im just in a shit mood today.

On the plus. I treated myself to some new Mac foundation
Ooo also …

2 items ticked off the bucket list. I got a pizza pieces and a deli fresh


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