Please Read…

This post is separate to Blogmas!! I just felt like I needed to talk about something. Its quite deep. 

So I was scrolling through facebook and I saw that my friend had shared a post, Iwas  intregued as to what it was about because it only showed some of it. 

Then I started reading it and cried. Now I dont know the lad that this is about personality but his words were so honest and horrible to think about. 

To give you a little bit of information, him and his girlfriend of a few years had recently broke up and he has clearly taken it really hard. You can tell he loved her even though they drifted apart. He was talking about killing himself. He made sure everyone knew that he didnt blame the girl and infact wanted to leave everything he owned to her including his home. 

The girl is doing everything she can to find him so she clearly does love him but it just drifted. 

Then I got to reading the comments and got really angry. I wasnt going to write anything from the post but I feel it’s necessary. One woman wrote ‘Wooooowwww that is deep and pretty selfish of you to even write this !!!!!!’


It is not selfish of him. He is wanting to kill himself and even though he said ‘dont look for me’ This is him reaching out.  Yes, I feel awful for the poor girl and his mother but because he has spoken out… There is a chance for him. Please if you are feeling suicidal PLEASE reach out. Someone CAN help you. Just because they are feeling suicidal also doesnt mean they are mentally ill. Grief does funny things to people. 

Something I have never told anyone is that when my dad died, I felt like I wanted to and writing it down really helped me. Personally, I dont think I would have ever acted upon it but the feeling was still there. 

I am praying that this boy is found or at least safe. Hes young ans has so much more in life to live for. I hope the girl is okay also. I cant imagine what its like 


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