Blogmas!! Day 13

Driving Home for Christmas ( Coaching) 

Today my day started at 6am. Urgh. I havent woke up that early since Sixth Form.

My coach was at 8:10 and I had loads to do 😩

So everything was going fine, I was on the coach and about 10 mins into the journey, I fell asleep. Next thing I know… we’re stopped on side of the motorway and the drivers telling us the engine has blown.

Immediately, My anxiety levels were sky high. I was stuck halfway home on the side of the motorway on a coach that would sway everytime a lorry or large vehicle went past.

10 minutes later, I was getting on a Coach which was heading to London. This coach dropped us off in Leeds where I had to wait 20 minutes for a connecting coach to Bradford.

I eventually made it home an hour and half later than I was supposed to but thats better than not making it. I got a very warm reception from my dog. I missed her so much.

We recently found out that she has diabetes… She had lost a lot of weight so my mum took her to the vets, thinking it was just from her fretting ( both because she missed me and because my brother was working during the day now). It came back she has diabetes and her poorly eye is cataracts.

Tomorrow, Im going to my old high school for a celebration which should be alright. Considering that I hate most of the people I went to school with…It wont be great aha

So yeah that was my dramatic day today


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