Blogmas!! Day 11 

So today I was planning on doing a ‘Vegan Yorkshire Puddings’ post. Then it came to actually making them for the Christmas dinner and they just didnt work. I cant even show you a picture because they’re in the bin.

Instead, Im going to share a few stuff from last night. Then tomorrow will be from the Christmas Dinner

At around 7:30 last night we took a trip to Morrisons which is about a 5 minute drive but a 40 minute walk. We got some shopping and had a laugh etc. Until someone ( *cough* Jack *cough*) decided to make little comments about Jodies driving etc. So me and Fran were just sat in the back like ‘ Ooo Shit’

Heres a Little video from my snapchat of morrisons:


I got practically forced into going out. I havent been out in at least a month and I really wanted to but I was broke ( I literally have £3 in my bank). Fran decided that she would pay me out so we all rushed off to get a shower etc. Somehow we all got ready in around 45 Mins and were looking FIT!!! ( Well they were). We also went out with James Aka Guesty, he’s lovely and even bought me a few drinks because I was broke.

We went to Empire which is literally across the road from our accommodation. Its great because we’re near loads of clubs so we dont have to pay for taxis. Con however is that on a weekend, you barely get any sleep from all the shouting and music.

I dont have many photos from being out but my Snapchat has a few videos etc.
Jodie and Fran came back early because Fran was smashed but me and Guesty went back to empire. We was going to go to flares but my heel slipped on a drain and I went flying and cut my knee and the que was huge so we just went back to empire.

At around 3 we came back to a warm reception from Fran and Jodie


Then Jodie Looked after my Poorly leg 😦  *Warning* Im poorly so I sound like a man


Jack didnt come out but I’m pretty sure we woke him up  AT LEAST 15 times.


Besides me, Jodie and Fran having a three way kiss… The funniest thing had to be when me and jodie were in the hallway barely being loud and this chinese girl came out shouting ‘ Its 3 am shut up’

But yeah. Loads of crazy stuff happened but this is already long so.

My Bodysuit and skirt are from New Look 

Merry Blogmasx


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