Blogmas!! Day 10

So last night, we did an event called The Crate Escape. Everyone had to bring at least 1 crate of something such as larger, pop etc. You could also bring like Vodka and stuff as well. Then the alcohol gets piled up as a barrier to stop you from leaving and you arent allowed to leave until all the alcohol is gone. 

It was pretty fun apart from the fact I was hungry and tired so I wanted to go to sleep. If theres a large group of people ( especially students) then this is a really cool idea because you get to have fun and play games like Ring of fire and Beer pong. Everyone shares their drinks too which makes it more fun
I also thought I’d share a little video with you that made me smile because I loved it.This guy did the same dance with 100 people who were stangers and the result was pretty incredible 


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