Blogmas!! Day 5

My Favourite Vlogmas

So today I thought Id put together a List of some of the Vlogmas Videos that I like to watch. Ive posted links with everyones day 1

Lets start with the obvious one…

Zoella- This is my favourite. The amount of effort put into each vlog is unreal. The intros are always so cute, I especially like this years. Also worth a mention is ’24 days of Zoella’


Pointless Blog- Since alfie vlogs everyday its not as hype as other channels but even though him and Zoe are doing lots of stuff together he still tries to make it really different. Its still technically a vlogmas

Tanya Burr- I dont really watch Tanya religiously but I do however enjoy Vlogmas. I will admit I have 2 days to catch up on. The intro isnt as personal but its still cute

Roxxsaurus- Its her first Vlogmas so I thought I’d add her into my usual watchlist aha. Shes stunning and deserves to be watched so check her out.

If you get a chance, check out Yesterday’s  blog and leave a comment 🙂

Merry Blogmas x


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