Blogmas!! Day 2

Favourite Christmas movies

I was planning on doing a top ten christmas films list for Christmas but when it came to it … I couldnt choose my all time favourite and I honestly couldnt put them in order. So I wrote the names down and picked them in a random order so there was no bias…

1) Home Alone – If you havent seen this film then where the hell have you been. Home alone is one of those feel good films which just make you laugh no matter how many times you see it

2) The Grinch- I LOVE The Grinch. Its so hilarious and goes down well with both kids and adults.

3) Cool Runnings- Now this isnt technically a Christmas film but in high school my form class used to watch this film every year when it was film day before we broke up for christmas. Plus theres ice and its cold so whatever. This film just reminds me of Christmas.

4) The Nightmare Before Christmas- The best thing about this film is that you can watch it anytime of the year but I love to watch it anytime between Halloween and Christmas for the extra magic. I love Tim Burton films which is why this made the 10.

5) A Christmas Carol- If you dont love this film then… I dont even know. The story gives you everything you want in one Christmas movie.

6) The Christmas Heart- Wow. When I first watched this… I cried for like 2 days. I remember sat on the sofa at my dads watching it crying silently because I didnt want him to hear me. Some parts of it are a bit like cheesy and pointless but Its Christmas so.

7) The polar Express – A simple beautifully told story.

8) Santa Claus 1/2/3-  So funny. Must see for sure

9) Deck The halls- Oh god. I have seen this film so many times.

10) Elf- meh. Some of the jokes in this film work better than others. I wouldnt personally put this in my favourites. The only reason its in the list is because of the memories.
There are so many other films which belong on this list but I’ve had a really busy day and im exhausted. I wanted to at least post something.

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