Blogmas!! -DAY 1

Since I’ve been shitty about sticking to my schedule, I’ve decided to challenge my self and attempt my first ever Blogmas. his is the first time I’ve had a Blog at Christmas and I wanted to join in

So Today is the 1st of December and I’ve only just decided I’m going to do it…

Me and my friends Lauren and Ash decided to do a present swap today since Lauren is going on holiday next weekend. So I thought Id share what we got each other.

Firstly, lets just appreciate my Frozen wrapping  paper

So Heres what I got Lauren and ash…

Lauren loves unicorns so I decided to get her a Unicorn Cup with a funny slogan and an amazing Unicorn bauble from Lisa Angel.  Its so cute when you turn flash on it sparkles so much

Ash always makes me Enchiladas so I decided to vuy him an enchiladas kit along with his Favourite film on DVD. He seemed happy so.

Heres what I got from Lashley. They know how much I wanted a Cactus but couldnt find any in Middlesbrough. I love my cactus pillow. They also bought me one of Zoella’s sets with a Large Ginger Cream and Bake my day. They literally put so much thought into my present.

Also ash cooked me some tea (Dinner for you posh folk). It was so lovely but so filling.




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