Reindeer Parade And Light Switch On

On Sunday was the Christmas Light Switch on and Parade in Middlesbrough.

To start off the day I went to the Gym till about 1pm. I was really anxious about it as those who read my Gym Anxiety post will know. It wasn’t that bad tbh but we didnt really do much in honesty. I didnt full on embarass myself though. 


At 3pm was the Reindeer Parade. This had  Loads of kids in costumes, banging drums and dancing. It was adorable. Then at the back there was a sleigh being pulled by reindeer which was really cute. The parade was pretty short to be fair and wasquite  disappointing, I thought it was going to be way better  but Hey Ho. ( Ho… get it … Christmas… Santa… No, okay) 

Heres the reindeers:

After, there was a bit of a wait around until the light switch on at 5. We made use of this time by queuing up for a bratwurst from one of the Christmas stalls in town. I lost my bratwurst Virginity and it was the best thing I ever did. I couldn’t decide on the best pic so take all 3 

Then after eating the best sausage to enter my mouth, we decided to que for a hot chocolate. After about half an hour we were at the front and to my horror… There was no whipped cream and marshmallows left 😩😩😩. I’d took the photo a few hours before but the stand is pretty cute. 

After drinking my Hot Chocolate, we had about half hour to kill so decided to come back to mine and play a game of pool. 

I Lost… but I didnt play shocking for once. I had some pretty decent shots. Granted, they were just pot luck but a shot is a shot. 

We walked the hole minute back to centre square to see the light switch on. It had to be THE WORST switch on I have ever seen.

 Firstly, they were switched on by the Police Interceptors, the Cleveland Centre Manager, Santa and Miss Teesside… like wtf.

 Secondly, not all the lights turned on for a few minutes. 

Finally, they look tacky af. Im all for trees with lights in but the way that its been done just looks so wrong. Id take A picture but I dont want to ruin my post with its ugliness. 

So overall, I was quite disappointed but I had great company and had a decent enough time. After coming back, we had a few more games of pool… I actually won one of them. I wish I had one of my shots on video because it was awesome… I somehow managed to pot two balls at once ( one in each corner pocket) 

So yeah… that was basically my day


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One thought on “Reindeer Parade And Light Switch On

  1. I was going to go to this! To be fair though it just sounds typical of boro. I go to the Guisborough one every year which has got worse. But it’s great if you want to do some late night shopping and if you want to hear schools singing Christmas songs by the 🌲tree X


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