I realised that I don’t really talk much about dance on here…

For those reading who don’t know, I study dance at Teesside University in Middlesbrough.

I have been dancing since I was around 6/7 and used to do a style called Freestyle Disco or Disco Freestyle which ever way round you want to call it. This is a different style of dance to what many people would class as dance such as Ballet, Street and contemporary. The costumes that are worn are often seen as quite controversial and some say ‘inappropriate’. The way I see it its a costume…  It’s not like I walk around on a daily basis wearing it. I stopped doing this style a few years ago due to complications which I would love to talk about but if I did, this post would be miles long.

Throughout school and in Sixth form I took Dance. I also took part in rock challenge for 5 years which is a HUGE dance competition for schools. During Sixth Form I was mainly doing contemporary with the odd bit of Jazz and Urban but I had never in my life done Ballet.

That all changed when I got to University. I wont lie, My technique is dreadful because I am used to Freestyle where your aim is to push out and get attention. Yet now i have to think about pulling everything in and using my core to pull everything in so it is properly aligned. This has been really challenging because my body just wants to do its own thing. I have noticed a difference this past week though and i have been really focusing on pulling in.

I think the worst things so far about Dance at Uni is Improvisation and the written side. It funny because as I’m writing this I am suppose to be writing a 3000 word assignment on ‘Pina Bausch’… I’m suppose to Research and Analyse her work but I have no motivation and I really don’t have a clue what I am doing.  Yesterday, I actually did a dance improvisation about me eating a chicken nugget because why not…

I am finding things quite difficult and I don’t  feel like I belong here. Its only been a few months but still… It just doesn’t feel ‘right’

Any Advice Welcome…


Snapchat: smellymellyx

Twitter: @xmelissajadex

Instagram : @xmeldoranx


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