Judged For Wearing A Dress ???


So today I decided to wear a Pinafore dress to uni but with skin coloured tights…

While I was walking, I was getting dirty looks off of Girls and lads were just been lads and looking at my legs. I wanted to wear the Pinafore today because since I do dance, I don’t get much chance to wear nice clothes and I’m usually in my dance stuff. However, today we have a workshop this morning and I’m not actually dancing till 1pm. The dirty looks I was getting made me feel really self-conscious and made me feel as though I was doing something wrong. What is so wrong about wearing a dress with skin coloured tights? If my tights were black would I have got less dirty looks?

It was funny though because I saw about 6 guys just on my walk to the library with shorts on… Why weren’t THEY getting Dirty looks ?

Its not like I was even cold because I wasn’t. If i want to wear a dress, why can I not wear a dress in piece without being judged.


Anyways on a lighter note I’m feeling very cute today haha.



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4 thoughts on “Judged For Wearing A Dress ???

    1. Its frustrating because people should be grown up enough to not judge what people are wearing or what they are doing. If i was wearing black tights i probs wouldnt have been as judged but i didnt want to wear black tights x


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