Mini Desk Tour 

Ive recently tidied up/ rearranged some of my desk so I thought I’d share it with you lovelies. My board isn’t finished, as you can probably tell but anyways. I’ll  go into more detail so you can see the little bits 

So then. Lets start with the chair. 

This is a tiny area of space between my wardrobe and desk so for the time being I thought I’d  pop my shoes on the floor and place a chair there because it wouldnt go anywhere. I also have nowhere to put my bags so I tucked them ( not so neatly) down the side 

This section of my desk includes a lot of Zoella products. From handcream to pencils. From cups to sprays. Theres even a spa in a jar. I also have in the basket some essential items that I use including: Micellar Cleaning water, Dove deodorant, cotton buds/ cotton pads, impulse, zoella handcream and vaseline. 

This little beauty I bought on Saturday. Since im not allowed candles in my accommodation and I love wax melts. I HAD to buy this electric Melt by Glade. I currently have their Spiced Apple and Cinnamon since  I have that scent of airfreshner. It smells so Christmasy. I love it

Under my desks I keep my books and my file with loads of photos. This is only temporary till I find a place for it. 

And Finally my pin board. This has a selection of photos, cards, tickets and memories. This isnt finished yet, hence the free space and the fact my fairy lights broke. 
But yeah thats a little ‘Desk Tour’ if you like. Hope you like. 


Snapchat: Smellymellyx 

Twitter: @xmelissajadex

Instagram: @xmeldoranx


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