Girl Online Going Solo

So I finally got to read my book ‘Girl online Going Solo’ by Zoe Sugg ( Zoella).
I ordered a signed copy but stupidly got it delivered to the waterstones in Bradford and not Middlesbrough. My mum has come up to visit me so she brought it up with her on Saturday . 

I was really hoping that I’d get a copy signed by pop, sean and alfie too but oh well Im happy. Being the top Aunty that I am, I also bought my oldest niece a signed copy. It was so cute when she posted it on her Snapchat story saying Thanks Melissa. 

Reading while watching RuPaul

Going Solo is book 3 in the series about a girl called ‘Penny’ from Brighton. Im only about half way through as I havent had much chance to read it since I’ve been with my mum. I didnt want to be rude. I read a few chapters last night, when my mum was bleaching my hair and then when I got into bed at 10pm. As Im writing its currently midnight and I have a technique assessment at Uni in the morning 😩. Help. 

But yeah, so far I am loving the book and it gives you some good advice for life such as blog posts and jealousy. 

I found a giveaway to win a signed copy so I’ll link here: Giveaway

Anyone else reading this book ? (If you are you’ll see what I did there… tip 1 ) 


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