My Visit Home

So I went home for Halloween. Yes im aware this post is ratger late but fuck it. Its kind of become a tradition that every year, I do pumpkin carving with my nephew. This year I obviously had to travel a little more to stick to this. 

I had been off Uni all week from being poorly anyway so I could have gone home much earlier thinking about it. On Friday I got the Coach from Middlesbrough to Leeds and then the train from Leeds to Bradford. When I was getting on the coach, there wasnt many seats but i spotted one at the back so began making my way there. I had a big handbag and bagpack with me and a canvas bag with some clothes in. None of thrm could go in tbe bottom or my things would have gone everywhere. So I began making my way to this seat but people had there legs etc in the isle. I kindly asked them to excuse me but they ignored me so i began walking. The more I walked up the bus, the more scoffs and tuts i was recieving because i had accidentally knocked them while walking down a extremely tight isle. The thing is, the people who were doing it were old enough to know better, they were probably judging me so thought they would be rude to me. 


So I went to my sisters to carve pumpkins. When I walked in, my niece had the cutest reaction ever… I keep replaying it over in my head. Our pumpkins weren’t up to our usual standards this year but we did them all free hand without drawing. My nephew even did his own pumpkin with very little help.  Yes. They do have a front and back and sorry for the snapchat quality. 

Saturday, I went to my sisters in harrogate as there was a Halloween party at the club she goes to. It was a charity event and I even won £50 so bonus

There was more to this but I can not remember for the life of me what I was going to write. Oops. 

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