Hey. I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been so busy. I’ve had uni all day and then partied all night( cringe) This will probably be a long post 

On Sunday night was the Freshers week(s) launch party. It was pretty good and I danced a lot. I’m not sure if it’s just me being awkward but being a dancer and dancing in clubs etc is strange. I usually just do some step and taps and some bum wiggles because I just find it really weird. Sometimes I want to just bust out into a routine when certain songs come on but…

I don’t have many photos from that night but thats one of them anyways. 

So the first night of actual freshers (Monday) was with Abbi Mccarthy from Radio 1 and it was a ‘rock and roll’ ( their words not mine) party which was pretty good. There was music such as Artic Monkeys & Catfish and the Bottlemen. For this i went with molly (left) and Amy(middle) 

During the day my dance class took a trip to saltburn. We did a hunt to find the place where we were getting some chips together. There were clues we had to follow along with pictured and videos to take to prove you had been there. We even had to do a rap or something significant for a place called ‘rapps’. The clue was something like ‘ You may find JayZ and Kanye here’  (Hopefully the video works 

After the hunt we ate our chips then went to the beach to play a few games. We did piggy back races, Splat and Zombies etc. It was actually such a nice day… well except the walk all the way back up the stairs 😩

was Dj Fresh. Everyone told me that it was going to be shit but I really enjoyed it. I was at the front and getting pushed left right and center but it was so much fun. I even got a bottle of champagne sprayed all over me. If it was by some randomer id have been really annoyed but it was part of it. 

Please dont ask me what my hair is doing on the first picture like.

Wednesday night was karaoke night. I went out with Dean and Tyler from my dance class. It was really fun but i ended uo going home early because I was upset about something. 

Thurday night was Lo Reid who is a hypnotist. It was honestly so funny. There was guys giving security lapdances, girls having a twerk off and even a very special jeremy kyle show where they all had slept and had kids etc with this one guy. It was honestly so funny. 

After, me and leoni went out in middlesbrough town for a few drinks and got rather drunk 

I didnt go out on the friday night because I was too busy. 

On Saturday night we went to Empire which is a night club opposite my accommodation. It was quite a good night minus the few fights that broke out. 

On the second week of freshers, I didnt go out much during the week. On Monday was the quiz which was pretty cool. On Tuesday was the comedy night where Paul sinner from the chase headlined ( I never knew he was gay!) 

The next night I went out was Friday which was my favourite event of freshers. CHRIS STARK who is one of my favourite radio 1 djs hosted Dirtee Disco. He came up to me and said he recognised me from twitter ( Okay maybe I tweeted about it too much) He honestly made my day. He even did a personal video for me ❤️ I had sweated off all my makeup at this point though. 

Then to Finish Freshers there was a UV Paint Party on Saturday night. Everyone came to my room for pre drinks since i had uv paint. I ended up doing 10 peoples makeup including myself. I was pretty proud of myself. 

This is what my makeup looked like

I even did one persons whole neck in leopard print which was pretty cool. 

Heres more pictures 

And finally heres the professional photographers photos. I love whipping my hair. 

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