Middlesbrough Walks and Monkey Bars 

So last week I moved to Middlesbrough ( As I mentioned in my last blog post) this weekend Rob came up to visit me. We went on a few walks with my new friends Lauren and Ashley, who are also a couple. As always I took a few pics so I thought Id share them. 

On Saturday we went for a walk in Albert park which is near the uni. We took a little picnic and got stocked by a few wasps. After we ate we had a little walk around the pond/lake ( I’m not sure what it would be classed as) and then decided to go to McDonald’s for an ice cream instead of from the ice cream van 

On Sunday me and rob had a nice chilled morning before meeting up with Lauren and Ash again. We decided to walk a different way and try end up close to the river tees if we could. We found a KFC and a costa next to an abandoned supermarket.

The supermarket is brand new fully built and even has the trolley shelter things but it was abandoned straight away because of a ‘Change in shoppers habits’ I don’t understand why it was going to be a Sainsbury’s when there’s one like 10 mins away … Morrisons should have got in there /:

Anyways so we went on a walk and here’s a few pictures

Every time there’s monkey bars near by I get upset because I’m far too weak to do them. I try but I just fail. So here’s a picture of me pretending to have made it along two of the monkey bars. It looks like I don’t have hair but I’ve just recently dyed it… sorry 

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