Moving To Middlesbrough 

So on Saturday the University journey began. On the way I was listening to capital which is weird since I usually listen to Radio 1. So I decided to write a tweet saying ‘ Listening to @CapitalOfficial on way to uni accommodation #capitalthrowback some right songs on’ 

Next thing I know capital follow me and send me this is direct message. 

Next thing I know they’re ringing me and I’m chatting to Rob Howard and being really awkward with it too. Then he played the song ‘toothbrush’ by DNCE and asked if I had my toothbrush. It was the most Awkward I’ve ever been 

So I’m now living in Middlesbrough in my amazing accommodation which I love. I haven’t put all the finishing touches to it yet and not everything has exactly found its place but I love it 

Here’s a few pics I took a few days ago. It’s a little bit different now. 

So yeah. This is my new place. There’s not much else to say really 
Oh wait. Here’s an updated pin board photo 

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