FREE Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask- O2 Priority 

So if you saw my previous post about a facemask I got free from boots, this is a simular style post. 

Basically O2 have an app called O2 Priority where you get free things such as drinks and products. I use my boyfriends as I am not on that network.

So I was looking through the offers and saw a free 5ml mask from Bodyshop. I immediately jumped at this because they hardly ever give away free things, it’s usually just discounts. 

This is what I got ( I had kinda opened it before… Oops) 

The tub of this product retails at £15 but there is a deal on priority that you get £10 when you spend £25 so if you were getting a few things from there and are on 02… Get downloading 

Anyways. This is how the Glow Mask looked when I applied it to my skin. As you can see it started drying straight away around the edges. 

It had a tingling/ burning feeling after applying it but that usually means it’s going something and I didn’t come out with a rash so…

After 5 mins

You’re suppose to leave it on for 5-10 mins however it was still wet after 10 mins so I left it on longer 

After 15 mins it still wasn’t fully dry so I just washed it off anyways because it was only a small patch. 

Removal was relatively easy. I searched the product to see if there was a specific way to remove it. All it basically said was to dampen it and then rub in circles. This seemed to work. 

I personally wouldn’t fork out £15 for a tub because I have uni to think about but I would recommend it. They also do other tubs of masks so hopefully one of them will pop up on priority soon. 


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