So I wrote this on Thursday but I forgot to post it so … I’ve added some pictures since I have them now 

So, right now it’s about 12am. I honestly can NOT sleep. I know I’ve already had my place confirmed but it’s still awful. God knows what I’d be like if it wasn’t. However, I have other issues such as finance and finding £420 to pay the first rent of my accommodation before the finance which I end up getting comes in. Right, time to try sleep. 

So I’ve just got my results and let’s just say I’m surprised. I somehow managed to get myself a C in psychology which is amazing considering in my mocks I’d been getting like U’s and E’s. So I’m pretty pleased. Last year I got a B in Unit 1 and an E on Unit 2 which made it a D at AS Level. In my Unit 2 resit for psychology I managed to get a C  which brought my AS level side of the A level up from a D to a B!!! 

 I also got a Distinction in health and social care even though I completed 2 years work in one year, eventually.

 My final result I already knew anyway because I had got distinctions in everything in dance which made my overall grade a Distinction* 

So incase you couldn’t be arsed reading that I basically got

Dance- Distinction* (A*)

Health- Distinction (A)

Psychology- C 

The school made me take some photos. One where I had just opened my results…

Then one with Chloe where I had to point and one of her results and ‘smile’ 

Since she was in my last post and I don’t think she would mind me telling you…

Chloe had amazing results. 

She got a very well deserved B in psychology. Which is amazing especially since she came out of the last exam crying like me and she resat both Unit 1 and 2 from last year. 

She also got a B in sociology which is amazing. However, I am a little gutted for her because she was expected to get an A but that’s not really her fault. It’s hard to explain but she basically had one good teacher and one terrible teacher. I don’t mean that to sound horrible but it’s true.  It’s not that she didn’t understand the content, she just didn’t have the detail and stuff /: 

Like me chloe also did Health and Social Care in a year and also got a Distinction. 

Her place at University of Cumbria has been confirmed. Love you Hun


12 thoughts on “RESULTS DAY ~A-Level

  1. Congrats 🙂 I’m really nervous because that’s gonna be me next year (I’m half way through A levels) and it’s funny (at least to me) how everyone seems to know a Chloe :’)


    1. Most Chloe’s I know are horrible except this one aha.

      Dont be nervous…thats the worst thing. Everything will work out. Work Hard and it will pay off. I regret not working harder than I should have. By all means have fun but work hard too.


      1. AW Thank you:) and my lecturer is vegan and i wrote something the other day about chicken nuggets and my love for them so she said to be a chicken nugget… I was like noooooo. so i compromised and used me eating a chicken nugget

        Liked by 1 person

      2. DO NOT EVEN ASK ME !!! we had to take an image and abstract it.. so like first i was doing a literal abstraction sitting and picking my nugget, dipping then eating… then a non literal abstraction which dont even ask me what i did… worst thing was after wards she was like ‘ I can see you used the heaviness of the chicken nugget when its eaten’ ….

        I was like yeh definitely ahhaha

        Liked by 1 person

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