Day out in saltaire 

So today I met up with my friend Chloe. She’s been volunteering for NCS since we broke up so it was nice to see her. We decided that since it was such a lovely day we would go to saltaire and walk around the park. The journey involved a 20-30 min bus ride from Bradford to Shipley and then we walked from there. I took a pic as usual. 

There was a hedge dedicated to Jesus which I had to take a picture of. 

After about an hour or so we arrived at Roberts park which is where saltaire festival is held in September. Hopefully I’ll be able to go before Uni or I may come back down, I’m not sure. 

The weather was gorgeous and I regretted wearing jeans and my Pointlessblog top but I didn’t have and skin coloured tights for my milk bottle legs

The view from the bridge
This is Chloe btw

Can we just take a moment to appreciate my amazing photography of this pine one I found aha. I actually love it 

Random snaps

After sitting down for a little bit and having a little catch up and gossip. We decide to take a short walk on the canal. There was a cute little cafe/ ice cream shop on a boat. I would have got one from it but I was literally broke. 

After chloe treated me to a pint in spoons AKA my fav. So glad she’s 18 now. This just made me want the weekend to hurry up to go out to celebrate Roberts brothers birthday ( which was last week) but I have to get past A-Level results day first. HELP ME. 

That’s basically my day. It was nice to spend time with someone who wasn’t Rob ( No offence babe, I missed you) 


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