So the other night I was laid in bed while rob was snoring away beside me. I couldn’t sleep as it was far too warm even though the window was wide open, I wasn’t wearing much and the covers were at the bottom of the bed. 

This made me want to find a few ways that could work to try get at least some sleep. 

All I found were the obvious such as having a cold shower before bed, cold tissue on the wrists and neck and  don’t cuddle which when you love a good spoon is out of the running 

I did however find a few which I didn’t think of which seemed pretty cool. 

Eat light 

When you eat larger meals, you create more heat as your body is breaking down your food. When it’s a warm day, it is better to eat things like a salad or fruit. This is due to them being easier to break down than other food such as pizza and chips. By eating salads etc, you are also cooking less which means less heat in the house. It’s basically a Win-Win situation. 

Sleep Outside

Now people who know me know that I hate sleeping outside. The thought of the bugs etc crawling on me makes me freak out. However, the other day I would have done it. If you have a tent and a backgarden, there is reason not too. I know robs gunna read this and just laugh at me because I’ve flat out rejected everytime he brings up camping but I have to face my fears sometime. 

Wet Sheet

Well for this one there’s two things I have seen which could apply to the heading. 

The first one is that you hang a wet/damp piece of cloth or a sheet in front of the window. This will help cool down the room when the wind blows. 

The second one is not something I’d like to try really. However, I saw the ‘Egyptian method’ pop up a few times while having a little search. This meaty of basically involves coving yourself with a damp sheet or a large towel. This method also works by wearing damp clothing. I will admit though this isn’t something I would want to try as I hate being in wet clothes. 

Ice Bowl

This is so simple yet I can see how it works. This is a method where you do need to have a fan. Grab a bowl or a pan and fill It with ice cubes. Place this bowl in front of the fan and DONE!!! 

These were all I really managed to find after searching for like 2 hours to find different methods. I hope this helps someone else like it will most definitely help me. If anyone reading this has any other tips for sleeping in the heat PLEASE share them with me 
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