So today I went to go see Wicked. For those who don’t know what wicked is, it is basically a play/musical about the witches from The Wizard of Oz (Elphaba and Galinda/Glinda… She changes her name midway ) 

It shows the untold story behind the wicked witch and how her and Glinda the good witch are friends. The plot of the story shows the witches journey before and after Dorothy enters Oz and also explains the twister. 

From the very first song, I had goosebumps. Every note was perfect. The majority of the songs I knew and I found it so hard to sit there and not mouth along the words. I couldn’t stop myself when the most iconic song ‘ Defying Gravity’ started. I think I mouthed every word to the exact beat. Even one of the songs ( One Short Day) which was included in my schools production of wizard of Oz, I ended up having to cover my mouth so you couldn’t see me singing along. 

As a dancer, I was watching all the dancing with a very close eye. Not a finger or toe was out of place! It was amazing. I kept trying to find a fault with it but I honestly couldn’t. 

The show was both funny and emotional. I think I cried about 5 times. Toward the end there was a lump in my throat as I tried to stop myself from crying but I couldn’t. 

I would honestly recommended going to watch it. I want to watch it again it was that good. Not a lot of things I want to go back to watch ( unless it’s a dance piece) but honestly, it was so good. 

This year, the only place it toured was at Bradford Alhambra. The cast were amazing and it was honestly magical. 

It also explains how the tin man became the tin man along with the lion. Also that prince Fiyero is the scarecrow who loves the not so wicked witch. 

If Wicked teaches you anything it’s to listen to both sides of the story. The wicked witch is not wicked… Just misunderstood. 

I would rate this musical a solid 5 out of 5. I sat there smiling the whole way through… Well except when I was crying and singing. 
*Spoiler Alert* ( Even though there’s been a few)

The wizard is Elphaba’s father … 


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