I DID IT !!! 

This is just a quick update about University…

3 days ago now , I found out that my place at Teesside University was accepted!!!

This is something which makes me scared and excited at the same time. 

One major thing I’m not looking forward to is not being able to see rob everyday/ when ever I want to. I travel on the bus everyday for an hour to see him now but when I move to Middlesborough I will hardly see him. I’m scared because what if it doesn’t work… What if he finds someone better closer. I’m scared that I’ll loose him when he’s the best thing that’s happened to me in ages. 

I’m in a few group chats with people in which makes me feel slightly more comfortable. 


6 thoughts on “I DID IT !!! 

  1. Hey Melissa! I’m a dance major and a psych major, and my bf is in the army and lives about 700 miles away from me. We’ve been long distance for almost 18 months now, but even when he was home and I was in college we were able to see each other every weekend! It’s not too hard – just an adjustment of your commute and ways of communicating. Don’t panic too much, it’s scary but you’ll have the best time in college studying dance and will make your relationship work 💜 sending positive vibes your way!

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