Boot Camp

So today I did my first class of boot camp and I am dead. My friends husband runs the session which is the only reason I went because it was someone I knew. 

It went okay to say that I haven’t really done much except my Pokemon walks for the past few months.  

Next week I’m going to push myself even harder( even though if I’d have done anymore today, my legs would collapse) I am determined to loose some of this weight and get fitter before September. 

So for a warm up we did 3 laps of the carpark where we did the session. This tired me out as anyone who knows me will know that I DO NOT RUN!!! 

Next we played an adapted game of Bulldogs charge in order to increase our heart rate ( I think). Instead of just joining the person in the middle when tug , you could only move side to side and not forward like the main tigger could. 

After that we had to run to a pack of cards and depending on which card you got you had to do that exercise that amount of times. For example, if you got a 5 of hearts you would have to do 5 burpees and if you got ace of spades you had to do 11 pike press ups. If you got a joker, you had to do five of each suit. You finished when the pack was complete. I will admit, I had to leave a few of them out 

To finish we all stood in the middle doing Starjumps, when a colour was shouted you had to run to that colour and back to the middle. I say run but I tried to run and my legs its felt like jelly. 

My favourite part must have been stretching off at the end… It felt so much better. 

Before boot camp:


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