3 Months!! 

Today marks 3 months with my amazing boyfriend. I honestly couldn’t ask for anyone better. 

Me and him got together quite quickly but it just felt ‘right’ if that makes any sense. In the three months we have been together, he has supported me as much as he possibly could and helped me when I needed it. He’s been by my side when I’ve broken down due to the anniversary of my dads death and his birthday which were so close together. He held me as I cried and it just felt so much better. 

I honestly don’t know how he puts up with me. I feel like I can be myself in front of him, a side which very few people see. I’ve told him things which I’ve never told anyone and I don’t think I could tell them. I’m annoying, weird and I don’t act like a lady sometimes… Yet he’s still stuck around.

He’s shared with me some of my best memories such as prom and rock challenge. He even reads these crappy posts. I feel like I’ve known him so much longer than I actually have. I hate not been cuddled up to him at night, it sucks. 

Most of all I just wanted to say I love you Robert. These next few months might be hard especially when I move away but I’m going to make it work because for once I’m happy and I hope your happy too. I promise I will come see you as much as I can when/if I make it to uni. You honestly mean so much to me. 

I love you smelly. 


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