*WARNING* This post is about Pokèmon

So this is just a quick story about my shifty day Pokemon hunting. 

So firstly we went on a little walk around Elland where Rob lives. We caught a few Pokemon but the main purpose was to visit pokestops and fill up on pokeballs and razzberries. We then decided to go into Halifax centre since there’s lots of lures and pokestops and usually decent Pokemon. 

We decided to leave after an hour and a half and get off the bus just before the canal. As we approached Mc Donald’s for some Pokemon Go food, My phone began to buzz meaning a Pokemon was there. 


I began doing a happy jump clicking on bulba waiting for it to load. When to my utmost horror, NOTHING would load!!!
I immediately clicked off the app and reloaded but again NOTHING!!! 

The rest of the walk back to Robert’s I was just so vexed. How was I so close yet so far!!!! 

Then to top it off on a walk later on ALAKAZAM decided to spawn. After 3 attempts with a great ball and 3 razzberries it decided to run away. 

Just my Luck that it would do that. 


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