Pokèmon Hunting

Recently I’ve been spending quite a lot of time walking round looking for Pokèmon. Some people say things such as ‘How old are you again ‘ and ‘ why would you walk around looking for imaginary Pokèmon. What a waste of time’

This game has actually brought a lot of positive changes in my life and it’s actually getting kids out of the house (something which people always complain about kids not doing). 

However, now they’re active and waking about there are ‘too many kids about’ 

For me personally, this game has me walking and not just sitting about doing nothing. Since starting minus the few days when the servers where down a lot, I have walked 75.74K ( in 5 days)  compared to the 33.5K (in 5 days) 

I’m also getting to see places I may not usually, exploring new places. 

Here’s some pics from our little walk along the canal yesterday❤️

And finally….

Here’s a lovely picture of a dead fish. Sorry 


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