We actually did it. Not only did we place at Grimsby, we went and won the whole final and are now a premier school.

I don’t think I even posted about when we won the heats in Rotherham meaning that we secured a place at Grimsby (The northern open finals). My school have been taking part in rock challenge for years now but every time we get to the final, we wouldn’t do particularly well. Last year we thought we were going to finally do it, other schools had their phones out waiting for us to win. We didn’t even place.

This year however was a different story all together. We managed to break #TheCurseOfGrimsby which is something we really wanted to do. The standard of competition was bigger than it’s ever been and in my final year as a student at Tong we managed to secure 1st place and become a premier school.

This means now we no longer have to compete in the heats but instead we just ‘showcase’ our performance to the other schools and go straight through to Grimsby.

Next year I’m hoping that I can come back and help and if not be there on the day then go watch the performance. One thing I’m really going to miss is the day, It is basically a party all day and a chance to meet new people from different schools.  Some schools are nicer than others but that’s just life really.

On the day when it came to one of the schools doing their second ( I think) run of the piece, one of the girls was getting taken off the stage. Instantly everyone was curious as to what was wrong but mainly we wanted to know if she was alright. We waited for a few minutes and when the girl came back on stage she got the biggest applause ever because we all knew that whatever had happened she’d been brave and got back on stage which is scary to do anyway. It wasn’t till 2 days after that I found out that she’d had a panic attack which is something which has been getting worse for me lately so when I read that she had one, I was so proud of her for getting back on stage. The fact that everyone cheered for her when she came on stage just shows what a positive environment Rock Challenge is and I am certainly going to miss it.

As it was my last year and I’d always wanted to do it, I was able to answer the questions on stage. This also meant that with the others who answered them, our co-host and a member of backstage,  we collect the awards that our school won.

We won awards for

  • Drama
  • Stage Crew
  • Visual Enhancement
  • Set Design and Function
  • Soundtrack
  • Entertainment
  • Choreography
  • Performance Skill
  • Stage Use
  • Concept
  • Costuming Character
  • Video
  • Performers Choice (The other schools voted us as best performance)

And Overall 1st Place

One of my teachers also won the Air guitar competition at Grimsby FINALLY after countless years of being the craziest and best air guitar out of the rest of the teachers.

My boyfriend and his friend drove down to Grimsby to watch me perform which made me more nervous than when my mum usually comes to watch.

If anyone from the cast sees this which I doubt because not many people actually know about this, I just wanted to stay Thank you for making my last year so great. There has been a few arguments and fall outs along with those arguments against people who have never done rock challenge but like to slate it but that all got forgot about on the day and everyone got along and performed better than I’ve ever seen some of you perform. I’m so glad that I was part of the year that finally did it!!

Here’s a few pictures from the day:


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