Last Exam!

It’s official

Yesterday was my last A2 exam and let me just say thank god that stress is over. I am rather annoyed at how ridiculously hard Unit 4 of Psychology was though. Seriously Edexcel what were you playing at?

The Unit 3 paper was such a nice paper so it was clear from the moment there was a 12 marker on Genies case study in Unit3 that the Unit 4 paper was going to be solid. This paper consisted of Clinical psychology and synoptic. After looking at the first two pages of the paper I thought ‘oh this exam might not actually be too bad’ until I turned over and Edexcel had deceived us all… Sneaky sneaky. The clinical paper was tricky but it was NOTHING!!! compared to the synoptic section. These questions are about everything which you have learnt in the past two years basically. They were dreadful. The 18 marker was about ethnocentrism which I learnt the definition for 5 mins before my exam so… that’s me failing

The only thing that has kept me slightly sane since is twitter and the #edexcelpsychology . one girl even said that she didn’t know any psychologists so she just wrote down the surnames of the people who were surrounding her in the exam.

My boyfriend’s friend also had his Driving test again (he lost his licence for speeding) on the same day so Congratulations on passing …Again

Here are a few of my Favorite tweets…







Peace Out x



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