I havnt posted in a while but that’s because I’ve had like no internet and I’ve been spending time with my now Boyfriend. The past two weeks I’ve spent the weekend at his and honestly he is the best thing that has happened to me in a while. He really does make me happy and i know hes reading this so i just wanted you to know how much happier I am since you’ve come into my life.

Right now I’ve had a few glasses of vodka and coke or monster aha but I know that this boy has honestly made a massive impact in my life already and I hope that it stays like this. This weekend I’ve stayed at his again and because the weather is so gorgeous we got a bit of Vodka and had a few drinks in the garden with his mates. His other mates that I havnt met yet were suppose to come but they decided to go somewhere else instead so oh well…

Last time I posted, non of you knew that I was talking to him but yeah SURPRISE….

Anyways I need to do some work and spend time with this dipshit so… I’ll leave you with a few pics.


Peace Out x
Snapchat: smellymellyx
Instagram: @xmeldoranx
Twitter: @xmelissajadex





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