One thing which frustrates me is when guys say girls are complicated… NO, we’re really not. Al most girls want is to feel special and have someone who is there for them but since guys can’t grasp that, lets break some simple things down for you.


The majority of girls will enjoy hand holding. In pubic it helps showing you are taken so don’t even dare look or try touch. Also it means you’re proud of her and to be with her …kind of showing her off I guess. Another way you can show her you’re proud is by showing her off to your friends and family.


BE PROTECTIVE. However, this is only to an extent. Don’t be too protective as this with most likely just push her away. Care for her and be there when she needs you but give her space as well.


Know what she likes and what she doesn’t like. This sounds simple because it really is. It shows that you want to get to know her and shows you’ve too the time to learn. Knowing her likes and dislikes will also help when planning something special for her.


DON’T JUST THINK ABOUT SEX!! – That’s pretty obvious why tbh


Girls LOVE cuddles… well most of us.


If the girl is still in love with her ex (Relatable of what) DO NOT brings it up. If you do anything it should be showing her how and why you are soooo much better that he ever was. In addition to this point, if shes had her heart broken… it may take her a while to trust you and tell you all of her problems.


Making time for her is really important. This doesn’t have to be like every minute of the day, she understands you have other things to worry about besides her. Just make sure you’re not leaving her out because I can speak from experience, you feel like utter shit.


DO NOT compare her to other girls ESPECIALLY YOUR EX!


Girls hate when a guy brags about himself all the time. WE GET IT…


A lot of girls hate their figure or how they look. You probably won’t change their minds about how they feel about themselves but the comments such as ‘I think you’re beautiful’ Or ‘ I love the way you look’ help ( Even if she then disagrees)

Peace Out x
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