Have you ever started talking to someone and at first things are great, you have quite a lot of things in common/to talk about.

At first they made you feel special, you can see yourself being with this person for a long time.  Then out of nowhere they just start ignoring you or giving blunt replies. You constantly question what it is that you are doing that is so wrong. You think it must be you because why else would they suddenly be acting like this if you hadn’t.  If you’re anything like me you find yourself waiting for them to text because they’re the only person you actually want to speak to.  They have time to tweet, post on snapchat or even post on Facebook but they ignore your message. The worst thing is, I’m not scared to double text, triple or even multiple texts which makes me rather annoying in a way but obviously you invest your time into people and when they just stop talking for no reason you want to know why.  Then you start talking again…

When you talk to them tell you they don’t talk to other girls/guys (blah blah blah ) but then all of a sudden you get ‘oh ***** asked me on a date’ that’s the moment when your heart drops.  I ask if he’s going and he’s like ‘ I want to yeah even if it’s just as friends’ just as friends my arse he clearly has been talking to her more than friends for her to ask him on a date( like that’s the truth anyway) this happens way too much. It’s like people actually like fucking with my emotions or something. I gave the very warning response… like guys must be stupid if they don’t take the hint. ‘It’s up to you…’ followed by ‘but don’t expect me to be here after especially since it’s a date.’

I just don’t understand why guys do it. Like instead of leading me on just tell me you’re not interested etc. I know it’s not all guys but a lot do it. Sorry for the rant aha

Peace Out x



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